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Pay Day Special!

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Enjoy some guilt-free shopping on us this weekend with an
 EXCLUSIVE DOUBLE LUXE CASH your fashion favourite.

There’s more!  Enter code "PAYDAYSPECIAL" at your basket for 
xclusive 10% discount on your fashion favourites.

Minimum spend of RM 1,000 (maximum spend RM 5,000)

*terms & conditions apply*


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"A girl should be two things ... Classy and Elegance.."

Walk in Nadia's closet

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Nadia’s genuine warmth and confidence brings to mind an idea put forward by the 19th-Century French writer Victor Hugo: “Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life.” Given her inherent drive, and relentless passion for life, there’s little doubt she will realise, with her siblings, her father’s dream.

Wear pink inconjuction of breast cancer month

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Pink can be a tricky one to pull off ; So here’s 3 ways to make it work; balance out with tougher pieces, opt for a statement accessory or go all out in head to toe.

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